Druid Hills High School 
Class of 1988

Update: I didn't do much of a job of keeping on top of e-mail address changes, and we didn't get many updates, so I've bagged that section of the page. To catch up, check out the new Yahoo group set up by Brian Morgan.

Druid Hills Y

ou've read the e-mail. You've seen the newsletter. Now, in living color, it's the DHHS Class of '88 Web site. Huzzah!

It's a little thin on information right now; I need help to fix that. Send in information on yourself, information on other folks, unsubstantiated rumor...your call. Just make sure vicious rumors are described as such.

Stunt Night 1992

Wowsers! At left is an image of the grand finale of Stunt Night 1988. Click the image for a large (118K JPEG, 800x488 pixels) version of the same photo.

If I get more pictures (or if I can find my yearbooks), I can add a photo gallery. If anyone really wants such a thing.

Druid Hills has an official Web page, hosted by what used to be Rehoboth Elementary back when dinosaurs walked the Earth -- it was the Writing Center when we were in 7th grade (anyone else remember that?), and has been a teachers' resource center for a long time.

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